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Urgent Cash Advance When You Need it

If you are in urgent need of an easy cash advance it can be hard to find the right lender who can approve your application and deliver the much-needed funds quickly. Universal Finance specialise in cash advances and our pool of lenders can usually help where the traditional lending institutions such as banks can’t or indeed wont. Unlike banks, our network of lenders are often able to offer a cash advance with no credit check in a matter of hours.

Although there are plenty of cash advance bad credit lenders online, their terms, conditions and interest rates can vary widely. When you apply to Universal Finance for a short-term cash advance, we scour the market to find the best possible deal for your personal needs and do it very quickly. If you need cash in advance and need it quickly, make Universal Finance your first port of call.

Reasons for an Easy Cash Advanc

The reasons why people need cash advances are wide and varied but are generally used for emergencies such as:

  • Urgent Car Repairs
  • Emergency Household Repairs
  • Unexpected out of pocket payments

Our pool of cash advance lenders can offer urgent funds for almost any reason and we can provide an almost instant decision and can often get a bad credit cash advance to you within hours. For the most comprehensive choice of cash advance no credit check Australia can offer, contact Universal Finance today. Our advisors are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have.

Merchant Cash Advance for Business

We realise that many businesses may also need an urgent cash injection at times and Universal Finance are well placed to meet their needs. We have access to lenders who specialise in providing merchant cash quickly, with almost instant decisions. A merchant cash advance (MCA) is similar to a paycheck advance but specifically designed for businesses rather than individuals.

Regardless of whether you’re an individual or a business, Universal Finance can help you get the urgent cash advance you need, quickly and easily. To apply please contact us at any time, our phonelines are open 24/7 for your convenience.

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