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Unsecured Loans for Small Businesses and Startups in Adelaide

Regardless of whether you want to enhance your cashflow, buy a piece of vital equipment or enter a new market, a loan from Universal Finance gives you the security and flexibility to reach your ambitions and run your business your way.

If you need an unsecured business loan but your bad credit is getting in the way, talk to Universal Finance. We focus on our clients’ individual requirements and design packages to suit your needs, regardless of your default history.

Adelaide’s versatile unsecured business loans and services

Since 1999, Universal Finance has been helping Australian businesses with borrowing services and helping with difficult loans. Regardless of your credit history, we have the experience and expertise to tailor a finance package just for your business and help you get the funding you need.

Universal Finance provides versatile solutions for small and medium businesses in Adelaide. Our unsecured business finance solutions are designed to suit your individual needs and enable you to make the right choices when presented with the big decisions. As an unsecured loan, you won’t need to back your loan with any assets, giving you the freedom to use the money in the most essential areas of your business.

Competitive unsecured loans and finance solutions for your business

Our interest rates start as low as 0.999% per month, which means you’ll be paying Australia’s lowest rate. Your loan will be settled within one or two days and there are no upfront fees to pay.

We work with businesses in every industry, providing bespoke financial solutions to help their specific needs. We value service and satisfaction, which means we take the time to understand your business and its ambitions, then provide financial products that are right for you.

With Universal Finance you:

  • Apply online.
  • Submit bank statements electronically.
  • Pay early without penalty.
  • Choose your term – one month to seven years.

We don’t need financials or your tax returns and offer no doc and low doc income verification. Whether you have one credit default or 100, we don’t count them against you. When it is time to fund your loan and finalise the details, it is all completed electronically in a matter of minutes.

Universal Finance values our clients and we always aim to develop long-term relationships. We believe in offering Australian businesses affordable and sustainable loans and packages that help them succeed and grow.

Talk to our lending experts for more information

Find out more about the Universal Finance difference by getting in touch. We will be happy to talk to you about your specific requirements and discuss what we can do for you. Call us on (03) 9088 8369 to speak with one of our team or use our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.