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Asset Finance Solutions for Australian Businesses

Building a business from the ground up is always hard and combined with stringent lending criteria imposed by some banks and lenders, it can be hard to see the future of your business clearly, but help is available. Universal Finance have access to a wide range of lenders and specialise is obtaining difficult loans. Regardless of whether you require an asset loan to fund new equipment, tools or technology (additional assets) or finance secured against existing assets, you can feel confident that Universal Finance can find the most appropriate asset lending solution for your needs.

If you’ve been rejected for asset finance by more traditional lenders and would like to deal with lenders who take a more bespoke view to asset loan applications, please get in touch today.

Getting the Right Asset Funding Product for your Needs

There are number of different of asset lending solutions that are dependent on the reason for the financing.

  • Chattel Mortgage – Business Vehicles
  • Operating Lease – A form of rental agreement where the lender is responsible for maintenance of the asset
  • Finance Lease – Equipment rental – asset remains the property of the lender
  • Tech Rental – An easy alternative to buying expensive tech equipment
  • Hire Purchase – The payment in instalments for an asset for later ownership
  • Novated Lease – Used to include a vehicle as part of an employee’s salary package

If you need further information about the right business asset finance or funding product for your needs, please call a Universal Finance consultant who will happily provide advice and tailored recommendations.

Asset Financing Through Universal Finance

When you apply for asset finance through Universal Finance you can rest assured that we will outline terms, conditions, repayment schedules, rates and any fees in plain and simple English. If you do have any questions regarding the suitability of our asset loans for your intended purpose, please let us know. Due to our extensive experience within the sector, we can answer any questions you may have related to asset loans quickly and accurately.

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