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Private Finance

So you need to borrow money for a home, car, or other investment, or for business purposes. But what if you fall outside the standard criteria for mainstream lending, due to unemployment, bad credit, tax debt, or other lifestyle and financial factors? What can you do? Private finance is the solution you seek.

What is Private Finance?

Private finance refers to loans offered by non-mainstream lenders (i.e. other than banks, credit unions, and similar). These private loan products are often referred to as Low Doc Loans, Solicitor Loans, Private Loans, or Non-Conforming Loans.

Private Lenders may include:

  • Venture capitalists
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity investment firms
  • Wealthy individual lenders
  • ...and others

Private finance is offered on the basis of the equity in your property, whatever form that property may take. By skipping the paperwork and red tape traditionally attached to mainstream loan products, private lenders base their loan approval on assets and this may enable loans on security that is:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Vacant land
  • Rural land

Private finance can also involve taking a first or second mortgage on a property.

How Can Universal Finance Help with Private Finance?

Universal Financeis ahighly-renowned South-Australian-based finance company that offers many financial services and solutions to Australian lenders. These solutions include private finance. We have the expertise and the industry connections to offer flexible finance solutions that are an ideal alternative to the mainstream.

We achieve this by dealing directly with a large number of private lenders throughout Australia. This allows us to offer our clients greater flexibility and more customised solutions thanthose which banks and other mainstream lenders will provide. We can deliver solutions without delay, and our loans are approved quickly so that you have access to the funds you urgently require.

Why Choose Universal Finance for Private Finance?

  • Lending Australia-wide, including rural areas
  • Fast settlements
  • Lowest interest rates in Australia
  • A largepanel of private lenders and loan products
  • Refinance current facility and save thousands of dollars
  • Deal directly with the lenderto save time and money
  • Bad credit /arrears are no obstacle to getting a loan
  • Very discreet


What does private finance mean?

Private finance is a type of finance that’s offered by a non-typical lender. When most people borrow money, they do so via a bank, credit union, or other financial services provider. A private finance loan works the same way as any other loan, but the source of the funds is a private lender, from investment firms to wealthy individuals.

What do private finance lenders normally require?

Private finance is often a preferred option by borrowers, as there’s less of the red tape and delays that can come from traditional banks. Usually, the only requirement is that you put up a form of security for the loan, such as borrowing against the equity in a residential or commercial property, or in land. Some private finance arrangements are first or second mortgages, while others simply use your equity as security. When you get a loan through Universal Finance, the process is very simple and minimal paperwork is needed.

What’s the difference between private finance and borrowing from a bank?

The main difference between private finance and borrowing from a bank is that a private lender will often be more flexible. Banks usually have a few loan products that have very strict criteria, and if you have bad credit, a tax debt, or anything else they deem to be a problem, then they simply cannot help.

Private lenders are usually willing to be a lot more flexible in terms of the type of loans they offer, as well as who they can offer them too. If you go through a specialist broker like Universal Finance, you can get a loan with a private lender no matter what your circumstances. Even if you have poor credit or another issue that has seen you turned down by banks, we can help.

What are the types of private finance?

There are a number of different types of private finance, each of which is tailored to suit different situations. There are business loans and small business loans from private lenders, bridging loans to help you buy a home, loans for the self-employed, short- and long-term loans, and even private mortgages available. Not sure what kind of private finance is right for you? Contact Universal Finance today.

How can I apply for private finance?

While you can approach private lenders directly, it’s much better to apply for private finance through a broker. Many private lenders don’t advertise their loans publicly, so it can be difficult to secure this kind of finance without the services of a broker who specialises in matching people to loans.

A single application to Universal Finance gives you access to hundreds of potential lenders, and we match you to one who is willing to lend to you, and who’ll offer the best loan for your situation. Best of all, we’ve made the application process as simple and easy as possible, so there aren’t endless forms to fill in, and we don’t require huge amounts of paperwork. This ensures your loan application is settled as quickly as possible. To get started, simply call us on (03) 9088 8369.

Choose Universal Finance TODAY

Contact Universal Finance today to have access to extensive private lender network and our unparalleled industry experience. We are able to quickly understand your unique circumstances and your loan requirements and we will collaborate with you to develop a solution that works for you. Look no further than Universal Finance for private finance solutions in Australia or any other financing, like our unsecured business loans service.