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Bad Credit Business Loans & Bad Credit Business Funding
The Bad Credit Business Finance Specialists

Universal Finance offer Bad Credit Business Loans from as little as 0.999% per month. Whether you are seeking to purchase a business or simply require additional working capital for ongoing business running costs, Universal Finance is the best choice for all of your business funding requirements.

Universal Finance have the largest panel of Bad Credit Business Loan Lenders in Australia to cater for all of your Bad Credit Business Funding requirements, offering the lowest interest rates, Guaranteed!

Universal Finance have long established relationships with thousands of Private Lenders specialising in Bad Credit Business Finance, throughout Australia, so you can be certain that we will find the best product for your requirements. Universal Finance have been assisting Australian's with their Bad Credit Business Funding requirements since 1999.

  • Strong Private Lending lines since 1999
  • Fastest Settlements
  • Unlimited Defaults/Judgements and Arrears are acceptable
  • Interest rates from 0.999% per month
  • The Bad Credit Business Loan Specialists in Australia
  • No LMI
  • No Exit Fees
  • No tax returns or financials required to verify income
  • No valuation fees
  • No credit checks

Direct access to the Largest Network of BAD CREDIT Lenders in Australia

Universal Finance Specialise in No Credit Check Business Loans

Universal Finance look outside the box and no loan is too difficult. In fact, the vast majority of our clients get guaranteed approval for bad credit business loans. Our reputation as an industry leader says it all. If you have been turned away by the banks or other lenders call Universal Finance today.

We are firm believers that business growth and development should not be held back by the non-approval of business loans because of bad credit history and will do all in our power to get bad credit business loans for startups and established businesses alike.

Helping Businesses and Start-Ups Thrive

If your business is in need of an urgent cash injection and you’ve had no success finding an organisation that offers bad credit small business loans, Universal Finance can help. Our track record in gaining approvals for bad credit unsecured startup business loans is second to none and has further cemented our position as leaders in our niche sector.

We want your business to succeed and also understand that the rigid rules regarding bad credit start-up business loans put in place by banks and other lenders are simply not compatible with all businesses, so offer an alternative solution that helps businesses survive and thrive.

You may fall into one or more of the categories below:

  • Seeking to set up or purchase and have Bad Credit
  • Have Bad Credit or Arrears on your mortgage
  • Been turned away by the banks or other lenders for any type of Business Funding due to Bad Credit
  • Unable to show financials as required by the mainstream banks and other lenders in the current market
  • Seeking urgent capital for any business purpose (our business loans settle within 24-48 hours in most cases)
  • No Credit Checks for Bad Credit Business Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get a business loan if I have bad credit?

It is still possible to get a business loan with bad credit, but it’s best to go through a specialist broker, as this will give you a much better chance of acceptance. Universal Finance have access to one of the largest panels of bad credit business loan lenders in Australia, which means you simply make one application to us, and we match you to a lender who can offer a loan to suit your circumstances. With many lenders available, we have an excellent track record for finding business loans for those with bad credit.

Does it take longer to get approval with bad credit?

It used to be the case that people with bad credit would find the loan process much longer and more difficult, as they’d usually have to make multiple applications to different lenders, as well as providing a lot more in the way of paperwork, such as financials and tax returns. However, Universal Finance have simplified the process, so when you apply for a bad credit loan with us, it should be just as fast as someone with an average credit score. We remove the need for tax returns and financials, and ensure that there’s a fast settlement, so you aren’t waiting a long time for the money to hit your account.

Will I pay higher interest rates for a with bad credit?

At Universal Finance, we can match you to bad credit loans with interest rates as low as 0.999% per month. If you have bad credit, you may find that some lenders will offer you a loan, but the interest rates will make repayments very expensive. By using a broker such as Universal Finance, we can find a number of lenders who are willing to offer you a loan, and therefore find you the best possible terms such as the lowest interest rate.

What sort of checks are done on my credit history during my application?

When you apply through Universal Finance, there are no credit checks. We understand you may have things like defaults, judgements, and arrears in your past, but what’s important is that you can afford to pay back a loan now. We’ll ask for information about things like your income, but you won’t need to provide tax returns or financials. We want to keep our loan process simple and easy to use, no matter what your financial situation.

Can getting a loan improve my credit rating?

Getting a loan can improve your credit rating, as long as you make all your repayments on time and don’t fall into arrears. Your credit rating is based on a number of factors, including previous borrowing and whether you’ve made payments on time. In fact, some people who’ve never taken out a credit card or loan may find they have a low credit score, as there’s nothing to show they can handle this kind of borrowing. If you take out a loan, make repayments, and pay it off as agreed, this can help improve your credit score.

Our reputation as an industry leader in bad credit business loans says it all.

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