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Commercial Property Finance

When you’re looking to buy a commercial property for your business, contact Universal Finance to find out more about the different kinds of commercial property finance that we offer. Buying a commercial property is different to getting a mortgage to buy a home; you may find that some lenders want a big deposit, charge hefty fees or higher interest rates. However, when you use Universal Finance as a broker, we have access to a panel of hundreds of lenders, so we can access the best commercial property loan rates, as well as helping business owners in all sorts of financial situations.

Commercial real estate loans for your new business premises

Commercial real estate loans can be used to buy all sorts of commercial properties. Some of the most common types of properties that businesses will be looking to buy include:

  • Retail spaces and shops
  • Warehouses
  • Factories and industrial units
  • Offices
  • Storage spaces
  • Garages
  • Hotels, restaurants, and hospitality venues
  • Gyms
  • Farms

If the type of property you're interested in isn't on the list, don't worry. Universal Finance is still likely to be able to help you, even if you're buying a specialist or niche business. Simply give us a call and we can discuss your business needs.

Get the best commercial property loans interest rates

One advantage of working with Universal Finance to get a loan for commercial property is that you can ensure you get the best interest rate. When you apply through us, you get access to hundreds of potential lenders, so you can compare rates and terms and choose the one that suits you the most. We can help you get the best commercial property loans interest rates, no matter what your financial situation. If you’ve already approached other lenders and got a quote that you feel is unreasonable, then it’s worth coming to us to see if we can get you a better deal, as we have such a large choice of lenders available to you.

Commercial real estate financing without the hassle

Business owners can sometimes find buying a property to be a long process. Not only do you have to go through a number of checks, but you also have to provide a lot of documentation, and anything less than a perfect financial past will come under scrutiny.

Universal Finance offers a different approach. We offer commercial real estate financing that’s simple, fast, and involves as little paperwork as possible. We know you don’t want to wait around to get your new premises or property, so we try to get your loan completed and settled in a short time frame, so you can start the next stage of your business plan.

Also, because we work with a wide range of lenders, we can help match you to one that matches your criteria. If you have a less than perfect financial history or don't have a very large down payment, that's OK, as we can find usually a lender who is happy to lend to someone in your circumstances.

Universal Finance can also help you find low doc and no doc business loans, which are ideal for businesses who need settlement within 48 hours, and who don’t want to have to provide years of paperwork to get a loan.

Refinancing may also be an option

In some circumstances, we may also be able to help you refinance a commercial property. Refinancing can be an excellent way to reduce your current commercial mortgage payments, or potentially free up some money to use to expand your business or cover costs. If you’re considering this option, then speak to one of our team. We can discuss whether this is the best path, or discuss alternatives such as secured business loans or property development finance, which might be more suited to your needs.

Check your eligibility for commercial property finance quickly

You may be wondering whether you’ll be able to get commercial property finance, perhaps because you don’t have a huge amount of assets or are a new business. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, the best thing to do is to contact us, and we can discuss the sort of loan and commercial property interest rates we can offer.

Many lenders require a large deposit or down payment to finance a commercial property, but we know that not all businesses can come up with the cash. However, there may be other options such as using your assets as security, which allow you to put down a smaller total deposit.

Speak to Universal Finance today on (03) 9088 8369 to discuss financing your commercial property. We are brokers who can help businesses in all sorts of financial situations secure finances to buy a commercial property, whether you’re looking to expand or move.


What is commercial property finance?

Commercial property finance is a type of mortgage that’s onlyavailable for properties that are purely for business use. This can be for mosttypes of commercial property, from shops to hotels, as long as their onlypurpose is business. Commercial property financing differs from a standardmortgage, as it usually requires a bigger deposit. Commercial property loanrates in Australia are also different from residential mortgages, butUniversal Finance can help you get the best deal.

What defines a commercial property?

A commercial property is defined as a non-residential property that’s used for profit-making activities. The term can cover offices, retail units, hotels, childcare and aged care centres, industrial properties, warehouses, and many other types of buildings.

How does financing commercial property work?

Financing a commercial property is similar to buying a home. Buyers will need to come up with a deposit and can then apply to lenders to cover the rest of the cost. You’ll need to find a lender who is willing to offer you financing and offer you a repayment schedule that you can afford. However, it's not always straightforward, especially if you have a low deposit or a less than perfect financial history, or if you're a new business that is trying to get started. This is why it’s worth speaking to Universal Finance, as we take a lot of hassle out of the process. We take down all your details, then match you to our panel of lenders to ensure you get the best deal. This saves a lot of time and also means you don’t have to pay big fees just to get your financing sorted.

What is the best way to finance commercial property?

Working with a broker is usually the best way to finance commercial property sales. There are fewer commercial property lenders than mortgage providers around, and each one has their own criteria such as minimum deposit, what’s acceptable in terms of finance history etc. A lot of the time, these lenders don’t publicise these details either, so you can end up applying to a load of companies, only to be turned down. However, if you simply apply via Universal Finance, things are much easier, as we find lenders that are willing to lend to you, rather than the other way round, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to be accepted by someone. This also ensures you get the best possible rate and terms that suit you.

What is the current interest rate on a commercial property loan?

Like any kind of financing, commercial real estate interest rates vary, depending on a number of factors. This includes the amount of deposit available, your company’s financial situation, the amount of the loan, and the length of the agreement. The best way to get the most favourable rate is to go through a broker such as Universal Finance, as we can compare rates between lenders, ensuring you get the lowest one.