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Seed Funding for Australia Start Ups

Getting a business off the ground can be a tricky process so financial solutions such as seed funding are essential for many. Universal Finance have access to wide range of seed fund investors who can help provide much needed start-up capital even when banks and other traditional lenders cannot. We don’t believe that a lack of funds or a poor credit history should be a barrier to those who want to take the plunge and start a business.

Although it is possible to scour the market for seed capital in Australia independently, it can take a long time and you may not necessarily get the best funding solution for your start up. Universal Finance take the hard work out of finding seed funding and find you the best seed fund product for your specific needs.

Seed Capital Approval Times

Unlike traditional lenders, approval for our seed capital application can be granted within a matter of hours, rather than weeks. We understand that when a business opportunity presents itself, time is of the essence and you need the seed funding quickly. We identify the most suitable source of investment for your business and begin the process as soon as we receive your application.

If you’d like to find out more about seed funding in Australia and how Universal Finance can help you get things moving quickly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one our seed fund consultants who will be happy to help.

Universal Finance – Taking the Stress out Applying for Seed Funding

Setting up a new business from concept to start is very stressful and very time consuming. Approaching angel investors and venture capitalists for seed capital is fraught with difficulties and unless you have prior experience you are unlikely to even to get past the application stage. Universal Finance have all the investors and processes in place to secure seed funding on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best, getting your business in a position to begin trading immediately.

If you are past the planning stage for a new business and need to secure seed funding in Australia, look no further than Universal Finance.

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