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Small Business Loans

Starting and building a small business requires an investment of time, effort, and money – and here at Universal Finance, we believe in helping you to grow your small business from a financial point of view. We provide premium small business loans to support you in this endeavour – from small business expansion to capital purchases, payroll, and much more.

What is a Small Business Loan?

Starting any business requires upfront capital. It usually takes quite a bit of time for a new business to turn a profit, and in the meantime, there are significant costs associated with purchase of business equipment, funding marketing activities, and covering payroll. It is in this instance that a small business loan becomes essential. This is a financial loan where money is borrowed for the specific purpose of starting, operating, or expanding a small business.

Small business loans may be offered by banks, credit unions, and online lenders like Universal Finance. With traditional lenders like banks and credit unions, obtaining a small business loan can be somewhat challenging, especially if you are a start-up business, as many lenders are reluctant to loan money to who they consider being“riskier” clients than a larger, well-established business.

This is where Universal Finance is a superior choice for you.

How can Universal Finance assist with your Small Business Loan ?

Universal Finance is an Australian finance company and we are experts in our industry - perfectly positioned to provide you with premium small business loans.

We provide small business loans for a vast array of business types – from retail to hospitality; from the beauty industry to trades; from wholesalers to professional services and even franchisees. Even if your application for a small business loan has been previously declined by a bank or other traditional lender, we consider your situation and needs with a clean slate – and even if you are self-employed and unable to demonstrate a steady income, or if you have a bad credit history, we can help with a solution that suits your needs.

Our loans for small business allow you to finance a wide array of business requirements – from investing in a franchise or business to making business-related purchases, and even consolidating business debts and providing capital for payroll.

Our application process is fast and simple, and upon approval, you will receive the funds in your account promptly. We customise our repayment plans to suit your budget.

Choose Universal Finance Today

Whatever the nature of your small business, we are a supportive lender that offers effective small business loans solutions even where traditional lenders may deem your financial situation as “challenging”. Contact us todayto discuss your requirements and how we can provide the solution that you need.

We also provide unsecured small business loans across Australia. Click the link to find out more!