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Private Lenders & Private Lending
The Private Lender of Choice for Australians

Universal Finance are Private Lenders that offer the lowest interest rates in Australia from 6.99% Per Annum. Private Lenders are a great alternative to mainstream lending. So if you fall outside the criteria and the banks say NO call the Private Lending Specialists and find out how we can assist you. Universal Finance are the Private Lending specialists in Australia so don't waste time when it counts call us now, deal direct with the source of funds! We cut out the middle men and deal direct with the source of funds saving you time and money when it counts!

Lowest Rates. Fastest Settlements.

At Universal Finance we currently have access to over 1000 Private Lenders for the more difficult loans with the lowest rates in Australia. Nothing is too difficult why not give us a call and see how we can help you.

At Universal Finance we deal directly with a large panel of Private Mortgage Funds throughout Australia to facilitate alternatives to the mainstream lenders. As Universal Finance deal directly with these mortgage funds and private lenders that only deal with Universal Finance directly it is quite possible you may have been everywhere seeking finance and simply been turned away for not meeting the lending criteria requirements. Call one of our friendly consultants now to see how we can help you when no-one else can.

Do you have a private loan or caveat loan that has expired and is now on the higher rate and been placed in default. We can refinance your current facility and save you thousands. We have the lowest rates and fastest settlements in Australia guaranteed!

Don't give away your hard earned money let Universal Finance do the hard work and save you thousands in the process.

  • Direct relationships and access to over 1000 private lenders
  • Interest rates from 6.99% Per Annum
  • Deal direct with the lender to save you time and money
  • Bad Credit/Arrears are ok!
  • No current income/ due to loss of job etc is acceptable or Change of Employment
  • Strong Private Lending lines since 1999
  • Short or long term lending options available
  • Fast Settlements
  • No Valuations required in most cases allowing fast settlements
  • Competitive pricing
  • Very flexible product and many options of finance available to suit different circumstances.
  • Mortgagee in possession?? we can save your property!!
  • We lend Australia Wide (rural locations acceptable)

Frequently asked questions

What does private lending mean?

Private lending is a type of loan that, rather than being funded by a bank or traditional lending institution, is funded by an individual investor. It works in pretty much the same way as a traditional loan, but because you aren’t bound by the strict requirements of a bank, there’s often a lot more flexibility around who can borrow, the terms and what the loans can be used for.

What do private lenders normally require?

Requirements for private lenders vary, but in general, they tend to be more flexible than banks, making it a potential option for those who have bad credit, arrears, or have recent periods of unemployment. Universal Finance look at your overall circumstances, not just your credit score, and we match you to a lender who’ll be willing to lend to you. Banks will often turn people down for minor things, like defaults from years ago or a recent change of job, while private lenders are usually much more likely to overlook past financial issues.

What’s the difference between private lending and borrowing from a bank?

The main difference between private lending and borrowing from a bank is that private lenders tend to be more flexible and will consider a wider range of circumstances. Also, with a private lender, you get more flexible terms overall, so you can choose a short or long-term loan, or repay early if you like. Apart from that, the two loan types are similar. You apply, get the money in your account, and then simply need to make the repayments as scheduled. Private lending can also offer you a better interest rate if you have bad credit. We can source loans at as little as 6.99% per annum, which is better than many of the banks offer to people with difficult credit histories.

Is private lending safe?

Private lending is safe, but it’s better to go through a broker such as Universal Finance. This is because we can vet private lenders and draw up legally binding loan documents, so you can be sure it’s a safe, legitimate loan. As long as you opt for a reputable lender, private lending is as safe as borrowing money through a bank and has a lot of advantages for those who may otherwise struggle to find a loan through traditional means.

How do I get a loan from a private lender?

Working with a broker such as Universal Finance is the best way to access private lending. One application with us gives you access to over 1000 potential lenders, so you don’t have to make loads of individual applications. We take all your circumstances into account and do the hard work of matching you to the right lender who’ll give you the lowest interest rates. We’ve made our process as fast and streamlined as possible. You simply use our portal to upload the required paperwork, and we aim to get the money into your account as soon as possible.

We have the lowest rates and fastest settlements in Australia guaranteed!

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