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Financial Planning

Whether you are a business operator or a private citizen, you will no doubt have goals and these goals will require a plan and a monetary investment in order to be achieved. How will you afford this?

You need a strategic financial plan.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning refers to the processes by which your current financial situation is assessed to predict future income, withdrawal plans, and asset values. It may include budgeting, the allocation for future expenses, investments, and other considerations.

There are different types of financial planning. These include:

  • Cash Flow Planning – forecasts expenses against projected cash flow to avoid issues including bankruptcy.
  • Insurance Planning – including health, motoring, home, travel, etc.
  • Investment Planning – based on your savings, including fixed income, investment in bonds, stocks, forex, gold, etc.
  • Tax Planning – to maximise savings.
  • Retirement Planning – planning ahead for a comfortable retirement without compromising on living standard.
  • Real Estate Planning – generally considered to be low-risk-high-return investment strategies.

Financial Planner versus Financial Advisor

In simplest terms, a financial advisor helps clients manage their money. He or she may specialise in a certain area of finance or work under a broad umbrella of services.

A financial planner is a type of financial advisor who specialises in the creation of a comprehensive and strategic plan to enable the achievement of long term financial goals. He or she will assess your current circumstances and make recommendations to improve your financial situation. Your chosen financial planner should be professional, experienced, and certified in financial planning.

The Financial Planning Process

No matter what your situation or your objectives, the financial planning process involves a number of steps:

  • 1. Determination of your current financial circumstances
  • 2. Definition and development of individualised financial goals
  • 3. Identification of options and evaluation of alternatives
  • 4. Evaluation of risk
  • 5. Creation of a suitable financial plan
  • 6. Implementation of the financial plan
  • 7. Evaluation and revision of the existing financial plan

Choose Universal Finance for your Financial Planning

Universal Finance is a top Australian finance company. We offer a wide range of financial solutions including confidential financial planning that caters to clients from all walks of life and who experience a vast array of circumstances. You do not need to be wealthy to require a financial plan – everyone can benefit from accessing this service.

There comes a time in every person’s life, either personal or business-related, when they need to consider their financial goals both for the short and longer-term. Achievement of these goals is dramatically improved when one consults a professional financial planner.

Universal Finance has the experience and expertise to manage and guide you through this process.

Contact us today to discuss your goals and to implement the right financial plan to help you achieve them.