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Here at Universal Finance, we firmly believe that every business should be given the opportunity to thrive and grow without being bogged down with outdated rules and regulations which is why we do our best to give our clients the opportunity to get an unsecured business overdraft with the minimum amount of hassle. If you are in need of an unsecured overdraft facility for business, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Universal Finance.

Who needs an unsecured business loan overdraft?

Many businesses in almost all sectors have a business overdraft in place, but these businesses are generally established with capital or have assets to secure their overdraft against. The rules and regulations set in stone by banks and other lending institutions effectively stifle the emergence of new businesses and effectively penalise people/companies with a less-than-perfect credit record. An unsecured business overdraft is a viable option for businesses that fall short of these demanding thresholds and enables their business plans to stay on track. As one of the most common forms of business lending, we believe the process shouldn't be this difficult and our network of lenders also share this ethos.

In order to keep your business running as it should, you simply must have access to the funds you need when you need them, and an unsecured business loan overdraft can fill any funding gaps for day-to-day operations. Invoices, wages and all other expenses must be paid for within a proscribed timescale and for this to continue effectively, adequate cash flow is an absolute must. If you need some help with cash flow, with quick approval times and a refreshing lack of paperwork, contact Universal Finance today.

Helping your business grow

When starting out or in the early stages of business, you need all the help you can get including an unsecured business loan overdraft if you need it. You will probably have enough to do, refining your products, processes and services without worrying about cash flow. We scour the market looking for the most suitable unsecured business overdraft lender to meet your needs. You outline what you need and when you need it and we’ll find a suitable lender on your behalf.

In addition to finding you the right unsecured business overdraft facility, we can also answer any questions you may have and suggest other financial products that may apply to your needs. No matter how long you have been in business and regardless of your credit rating, the team at Universal Finance will pull out all the stops to find you the best unsecured business loan overdraft for your business needs. If you are unsure about your eligibility for an unsecured overdraft for business, all you need to do is drop us a line whenever convenient.

Build your Business with confidence

Starting any business always involves an element of confidence and this includes applying for an unsecured business overdraft if needed. You need to be confident that you can push your business forward and reach your goals, regardless of if it takes 6 months or 2 years. By having a specifically tailored unsecured business loan overdraft, you can move forward safely in the knowledge that you can cover day-to-day costs. We are strong believers in the phrases, 'where there's a will, there's a way' and so do many of our clients. Don't let cash flow concerns slow you down, get the unsecured business overdraft facility you need, when you need it, from Universal Finance.

One essential for any business is a solid business plan and if you follow your plan you will succeed. There obviously will be times when you need to deviate slightly but a feasible plan should be first on your list of priorities. Cash flow differentials are completely normal in any business so incorporating an unsecured business loan overdraft into your plan should be taken into consideration.

Fast Approval

Even if businesses do qualify for a secured business loan from a traditional lender the time it takes for approval can take more time than a business has got. Here at Universal Finance, we pride ourselves on our fast approval times for all our financial products including the popular unsecured business overdraft facility. Although we do have direct accreditations with banks and credit unions, they are definitely not our only options. When we say we search the market, we really do.

Getting started is easy, simply head over to our 'Get a Quote' page, fill in a few details and we'll get back to you very quickly. At this initial stage, no credit checks will be carried out, we will simply provide you with a quote for an unsecured business overdraft and assess your suitability at the next stage of the process. If you’d rather obtain a quotation via a more traditional medium, you are, of course, more than welcome to call us at any time and that means 24/7.

No time like the present

If you have identified the need for an unsecured business loan overdraft or any other form of loan, it’s important to act quickly, the longer you leave it, the more stress you put on yourself and your business, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a raft of options available and fast approval times, Universal Finance can help, and help quickly.

Secure and maintain your cash flow today with a competitive unsecured business overdraft from the experienced financial product experts at Universal Finance. As difficult loan specialists, we can usually help most businesses, regardless of their current or past financial history. With regional offices throughout Australia, where your business is located is no barrier to getting the financial product you need. Call us on (03) 9088 8369 now. We operate a 24/7 service and always available to take your call.


What is an unsecured business overdraft?

An unsecured business loan overdraft is a financial product that can be acquired by a business for an amount up to the approved credit limit without the need to provide proof of property ownership, personal guarantee, term deposits or any other cash asset. In the absence of having to provide substantial amounts of paperwork, an unsecured business loan overdraft is approved more quickly than its secured counterpart.

Why would a business use an overdraft?

A business would use an overdraft to make up any shortfall of capital encountered in their day-to-day business operations. It is commonly used to pay invoices, wages and any other regular business expenses. It would not generally be used for major purchases such as vehicles, equipment or business infrastructure costs. Long-established companies would generally use traditional lenders such as banks whereas start-ups and companies with bad/no credit history may take advantage of an unsecured business overdraft from alternative lenders.

What are the advantages for a business overdraft loan?

The advantages of a secured or unsecured business loan overdraft are numerous but the main advantage is increased cash flow. Due to the nature of business, and the timing of customer payments there isn't always enough cash flow to pay invoices, employees and other general business expenses. Paying any type of business bill on time is essential if cordial relations with suppliers and employees are to be maintained and a business overdraft loan meets these needs.

What is an unsecured business overdraft loan limit?

The credit limit for an unsecured business loan overdraft largely depends on the business turnover, your broker will be able to provide you with this information at the pre-approval stage of the unsecured business overdraft application.

What other loans are available to bad credit businesses?

There are a number of financial products available for businesses with a bad credit history, all of which may be of some use at some stage of a company's lifespan including an unsecured business overdraft facility. The specific type of loan you require will be based on your business circumstances, your broker or lender will be able to provide specific information at the pre-application stage.

Why should I choose Universal Finance?

Established in 1999, Universal Finance has both the experience and the network of lenders to offer the best financial products at competitive rates. As difficult loan specialists, Universal Finance has access to lenders that would otherwise be hard for businesses to engage with independently. Universal Finance also ensures that any applicant, whether they are applying for an unsecured overdraft facility for business or any other loan, is provided with all pertinent information before any agreement is signed. Universal Finance can also provide impartial advice on the best product for the needs of the business and make recommendations on request.

How can I apply for an unsecured overdraft for business with Universal Finance?

The first step is either to call or complete the online quote form. Your advisor should be able to tell you how much credit you can get along with interest rates and payment terms. They will also be able to let you know whether your application will be approved based on the initial information provided.