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Private Mortgages

Obtaining a mortgage can sometimes be easier said than done. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions require a strict set of criteria to approve a mortgage, and there are times this is not possible. Yet you don’t necessarily need to delay or give up on your dream of being approved for a mortgage.

Your circumstances may make it difficult to arrange a traditional mortgage; for example, if you are self-employed and can’t prove serviceability; if you are between homes and require fast approval for a bridging loan; if you have a problem with your credit history; if you are on a pension; if you are unemployed or between jobs; if you have an ATO debt; or if you are seeking capital for business purposes urgently. It is in these circumstances and others similar that you may find the solution in private mortgages.

What is a Private Mortgage?

A private mortgage is simply a mortgage provided whereby the loan funds are sourced from and provided by another person or a business as opposed to a traditional mortgage lender like a bank, credit union, or another mainstream finance provider. Where a bank or other mainstream mortgage lender may decline an application that does not meet its strict lending criteria, a private mortgage lender considers a broader set of criteria for loan approval. In most cases, where sufficient equity is held, the underlying asset is considered as security for loan approval rather than the relative credit risk or perceived character of the borrower.

Private mortgage providers seek to lend money for residential, commercial, or business-based property transactions. While banks take a tough stance during their assessment of an applicant’s worthiness for being extended credit for a mortgage, private mortgage lenders offer more understanding, realistic options without bias.

How Can Universal Finance Help with Private Mortgages?

Universal Finance is a South Australian-based finance company and we offer superior private mortgages with the lowest interest rates for private lending in Australia. We have been providing solutions and offering Australians an effective alternative to traditional mainstream lenders for the last twenty years, and we have direct access to more than one thousand private lenders throughout Australia. We deal directly with a large panel of Private Mortgage Funds across Australia and we provide valid alternatives to borrowing from banks and other mainstream mortgage providers. No matter what your circumstances, if you have a challenging or difficult mortgage loan situation, we can help.

Choose Universal Finance for your Private Mortgage

Contact us at Universal Finance today. Our friendly and supportive consultants have the expertise and experience to understand your situation quickly and work with you to develop a satisfactory solution. Look no further for low-interest private mortgages without compromise.