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Unsecured Business Loans from Perth’s Leading Lenders

Universal Finance specialises in bad credit finance and helping businesses get loans in difficult circumstances. We offer great interest rates, starting start as low as 0.999% per month and our unsecured loans enable you to get funding quickly, ensuring you can make those time critical decisions knowing you have the backing of Universal Finance. That might mean buying a piece of vital equipment for your restaurant’s kitchen or launching a new product entirely – our loans can take care of almost everything

Perth’s versatile unsecured business loans and services

Here at Universal Finance, our commitment is to helping businesses in Perth and Australia achieve their goals. We settle your loan within one or two days and don’t do credit checks. We can work with you on low doc and no doc income verification and help you fund the equipment you need or improve your cashflow to ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully.

Since 1999, Universal Finance has been helping Australian businesses with borrowing services. Regardless of your credit history, we have the experience and expertise to tailor a finance package just for your business and help you get the funding you need.

Unsecured finance and loans for Australia’s small business success

We work with businesses in every industry, providing bespoke financial solutions to help their specific needs. We value service and satisfaction, which means we take the time to understand your business and its ambitions, then provide financial products that are right for you.

With Universal Finance your application is completed online. This means that your bank statements are submitted digitally and you sign your contract electronically, making the process incredibly fast and simple. When everything is ready to go, your loan is settled and the funds transferred to your account within 48 hours.

An unsecured business loan from Universal Finance doesn’t require financial statements or tax returns, and any credit defaults you may have aren’t factored into the application. We offer loan terms of one month to seven years and you can pay back your loan early without penalties.

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Get your difficult loan over the line with Universal Finance.

Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements, answer your questions and tailor a package to suit you. Call us on (03) 9088 8369 or leave your details in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.