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Bad Credit Loans & Bad Credit Lenders
The Bad Credit Finance Specialists

Have you been turned away by the banks and other lenders due to Bad Credit? Our New Bad Credit Loans product for Bad Credit Personal Loans, Bad Credit Car Loans and Bad Credit Home Loans is now available at rates starting from as low as 4.19%.

  • Lowest interest rates in Australia guaranteed
  • Bad Credit Loans specialists since 1999
  • Fastest settlements
  • Unlimited Bad Credit Acceptable (i.e.. defaults, court judgements and arrears on your mortgage are acceptable and the interest rate is not affected by defaults listed 3 years ago or more) Defaults listed more than 3 years ago will be disregarded altogether.
  • Ideal for self employed clients unable to show financials and seeking cash out urgently
  • Up to 95% LVR possible (highest LVR product currently available in the marketplace)
  • Defaults up to $500.00 also ignored and do not affect the interest rate
  • Vacant land is an acceptable security (rural land also acceptable) with our latest product release
  • Low Doc and Full Doc lending options available
  • Low set up costs
  • No Exit Fees
  • No LMI
  • No exit fees
  • No tax returns or financials required to verify income


If you have recently fallen victim to the high unemployment rate or Global Financial Crisis and have been laid off or maybe even lost your property due to foreclosure, then you will be struggling to find credit in this Global Credit Crunch. Bad Credit listed on your Veda Advantage credit file is something that nobody plans for but must live with after financial loss and default. So at Universal Finance we believe that there is no point in worrying about your past Bad Credit issues and it is better to put your efforts into rebuilding your credit rating for the future.

Rebuilding Bad Credit can take time , patience and baby steps. If you have undergone something like bad credit listings, bankruptcy or foreclosure it can be daunting however Universal Finance have all the solutions. Bad Credit can affect your options when purchasing or refinancing a property and often sends the interest rate through the roof making the process very costly and time consuming (and in many cases not worthwhile).

At Universal Finance we are the specialists in Bad Credit Loans and have access to Australia's largest range of Non-Conforming and Private Lenders/Investors in Australia. With over 50 panel lenders and 1000+ products on offer as well as access to Australia's largest and ever extending panel of private lenders/investors Universal Finance has you covered from the property investor to the first home buyer. Bad Credit Lending is no longer an issue with our new Bad Credit Loans product.

Our new Bad Credit Loans product allows unlimited defaults and arrears to be listed and at the lowest interest rates guaranteed. We know that in this financial market it is almost impossible to obtain finance if you have arrears and Bad Credit, however now there is a solution and at the lowest rates.

You may fall into the the below categories as well as many more:

  • Employed less than 3 months (possibly on probationary employment period)
  • Self employed and unable to show the last 2 years financials (No Financials Required)
  • Bad Credit listed and arrears on your mortgage/s acceptable
  • Need cash out for any purpose acceptable
  • Self employed
  • Rural property location
  • Require 95% + LVR

Our Bad Credit Loan product is an ideal stepping stone to return to a major lending institution at even lower interest rates again. Within 6 months we can then assist you to refinance back to a major bank or lender of your choice at even lower interest rates yet again. As all Exit Fees were banned by the Australian government in 2011 you will not incur costs by refinancing to another lender. This makes our Bad Credit Loans product ideal for Bad Credit clients. Unlike other brokerage firms Universal Finance are specialists in refinancing between private lenders and mainstream lenders (ie. banks). Our consultants are up to date with the latest products and criteria allowing you to save time and money in the process. Our Bad Credit Loans product is the first of its kind to be released in Australia.

If you require urgent funding for a business purpose or cash-flow for your business, our Turbo Caveat Loans /Second Mortgage product may be the solution. Unlimited defaults and arrears are acceptable for our Caveat Loan/2nd Mortgage products.

Contact one of our consultants today for further information on our Bad Credit Loans product: (08) 8344 9508

We are the Bad Credit Loans Specialists!
Call Universal Finance now for all your Bad Credit Finance scenarios/applications. We also specialise in unsecured finance & business loans!

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