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Fast, Unsecured Small Business Loans and Finance Across Australia

Universal finance have the lowest unsecured business loan interest rates in australia starting from 0.999% per month

Unsecured business loans from 0.999% per month. Don't pay the high interest rates being offered by other lenders in the market. Universal Finance are the unsecured business loan & finance specialists for the fastest settlements and lowest interest rates available. No real estate security is required and our facilities are completely "unsecured" for our unsecured financing loans. If you have an unsecured business loan with Prospa or any other investor and are paying high interest rates, then we have a solution to refinance their existing facility into one loan and reduce your overall monthly loan repayments significantly. Don't pay unnecessary upfront fees requested by other lenders and then they fail to deliver what they promise.

At Universal Finance, we understand unsecured business finance inside out so you can enquire with confidence knowing that you are dealing with a specialist.

Get the unsecured funding you need to take your small business further

Our new unsecured business loan product is ideal for any business purpose: whether you are a large business to small business needing a loan that is unsecured. Universal Finance has assisted thousands of Australians with their unsecured business loan requirements since 1999. So, if you have been turned away by the banks or other investors or simply require fast options, call one of our friendly consultants today!

If you require $5,000 - $300,000, in unsecured finance, for any business purpose we have made it easy to apply.

Dial (03) 9088 8369 or email your enquiry to admin1@universalfinance.net.au to receive a letter of offer within the hour. You can also apply online.

Unsecured business loan lenders IN AUSTRALIA you can trust for a great deal

The unsecured business loan specialist in Australia

  • Interest rates starting from as low as 0.999% per month.
  • Settlements within 24-48 hours.
  • 80% of Unsecured Business Loan enquiries in Australia go to Universal Finance before any other lender.
  • 63% of clients return to increase their loan.
  • $50 million of settled loans since release of the product.
  • Easy Online application process.
  • Submit bank statements electronically in minutes.
  • No tax returns or financials required.
  • No doc/Low doc income verification.

The lowest Unsecured Business Loan interest rates

  • Lowest unsecured Business Loan interest rates in Australia.
  • Established since 1999
  • No upfront fees
  • Unlimited defaults/bad credit acceptable and ignored
  • No penalty for early loan repayment
  • No security required *don't risk the family home for your Unsecured Business Finance requirements
  • Flexible loan terms 1 month to 7 years
  • No hidden fees
  • Complete your Unsecured Business Loan application via docusign for your convenience. You can sign electronically in minutes.

Universal Finance has now released its much awaited unsecured business loan product to Australians. We have access to thousands of private investors not available to any other lenders in Australia. Bad credit is not an issue and we do not do any credit checks for our unsecured business loans. We will generally lend up to 95% of your monthly business turnover. Therefore:

Monthly business income = $50,000.00

Loan amount approval = $47,500.00

We believe our unsecured business finance product is the fastest unsecured business funding option in Australia. We do not require any tax returns, financials or BAS statements to verify your income. We simply request 3-6 months of business bank trading statements to establish a facility for you.

Please call our office on (08) 8344 9508 to obtain an electronic application form of your unsecured business loan, and apply online conveniently and fast. You will also receive a link to submit your bank statements electronically in minutes or you can email your bank statements for assessment immediately. Upon receipt of the required application and business banking statements we will provide you with an approval within the hour.

Most of our unsecured business loans settle the same day with minimal time and effort required by the applicant. As your monthly business income increases you can increase your loan amount with us.

How an unsecured small business loan can help you achieve your goals

New businesses never have sufficient time or money. The bulk of small businesses that fail do so due to the fact they are not appropriately financed. Entrepreneurs face start-up costs as well as on-going costs, long before any revenue is generated. Additionally, almost all entrepreneurs tend to be overly optimistic about how their business will perform financially. An unsecured business loan can help your business grow and prosper, pushing it past the initial set up phase.

Unsecured funding is not merely for new businesses and start-ups

You never know when you need will need extra money and even long-established businesses can benefit from the right type of loan. Unforeseen costs can strike at any time and the speed of an unsecured loan is ideal. If your business needs to upgrade its computer systems or replace worn-out desks and chairs, an unsecured loan offers the flexibility to ensure your workplace and employees are set up for success.

Top ways unsecured business loans & funding can help your business

Invest in the right equipment

In modern businesses, computer equipment becomes outdated very quickly. When you start your business, your emphasis should be on conserving cash and minimising expenses. However, you also need to ensure you can provide the best services and products for your clients, even through times of transition. An unsecured business loan is an ideal way to invest in the infrastructure of your business while maintaining your cash flow.

You can advertise your expertise

Another major hurdle for small businesses is reaching their target audience. Marketing your business is crucial for ensuring it can attract customers, make sales and turn a profit. When your budget is tight, marketing can seem like a pipe dream and you feel your money is better invested in other parts of the operation. With unsecured business loan & finance, you don’t have to choose between the present and the future. Marketing is one of many long-term investments your business can make with an unsecured loan and having the capacity to invest in future-proofing your company can help relieve some of the stress of entrepreneurship.

You can take advantage of opportunities

In business, having the funds ready to jump on an opportunity that presents itself is invaluable. It might be getting on board a new system that will improve your business revenue or the chance to take advantage of a great deal. Unsecured loans aren’t guaranteed by any assets, which means there is less turnaround time. This makes them perfect for when time is of the essence and your business depends on having the money to hand quickly and easily.

You can relieve stress in quiet times

An unsecured loan is a simple and convenient way to smooth the path from quieter periods to your boom times. A huge number of businesses make the majority of their income during a certain part of the financial year. An unsecured loan can offer a safety net during the slow periods, providing peace of mind that fast finance is available if required.

You can avoid the credit card trap

Often, the lure of a credit card can be too much for a small business owner to resist. The offers turn up in your email or your banking app and saying yes seems to be easier than turning it down. However, resisting the ease and promise of fast cash and opting for an unsecured loan will be more beneficial in the long term. With an unsecured loan, you have a fixed term and interest rate. You make your payment each month and it remains the same until you complete it or choose to refinance. Using a credit card means making sure you avoid interest by clearing the balance every month or suffering at a compounding rate of sometimes as high at 25%.

Unsecured loans & finance suited for small to large businesses across Australia

Other reasons to choose an unsecured business loan include:

- The fast application process of an unsecured business loan is because no security is needed. You do not have to itemise your holdings and the loan provider does not need to appraise any collateral. You can apply for unsecured financing online and the approval time is much speedier than a secured loan.

- The main feature of unguaranteed company financing is the lack of security. If you do not have collateral such as property or other fixed assets, it means you can liquidate or upgrade your equipment as you need without worrying about changing the loan your asset is secured against.

- The funds arrive quickly as there is less paperwork necessary. A straight-forward unsecured financing application can be approved and settled in as little as 24-48 hours. This makes it ideal when you want to act fast.

- An unsecured business loan can be a stepping stone to larger finance products. When you pay off a loan, it demonstrates your ability to manage finances and meet your obligations. Creating a strong relationship with your bank by successfully undertaking and completing lending will be helpful when you want to take a bigger step with your business and need finance on a larger scale.

How an unsecured business finance & loan funding can help inform your business plan

Success in business comes as a result of careful planning. You need to have a detailed plan that shows a clear definition of your ultimate goal. The plan covers what, why, where, how and when, giving you a direction and purpose for your business.

A major part of creating your plan is so that you know where your pain points are. These could be certain costs or time-consuming inefficiencies, the challenges of attracting clients, finding employees and all the things business owners have to deal with. This map of your business’s direction will help you anticipate when an unsecured loan could be useful to your organisation.

Planning ahead is easier when there is unsecured business finance

For many start-ups and sole traders, living invoice to invoice is a reality and can be a difficult cycle to break free from. An unsecured business loan from a lender can help improve cash flow in the present and allow you to look beyond the unpaid invoice column in your accounts. With this increased liquidity, you can begin to invest in a marketing plan to increase your client base and other ways to grow your business.

Diversify your business with confidence through unsecured finance

Once your business is up and running, keeping it moving forward is the next challenge. Often this means offering more products, better products or a wider service area. A unsecured business loan will give you the cash flow you need to keep your current clients happy while giving you the backing to move into other areas and continue to get bigger and better.

Expand your operation the right way with a tailored unsecured business loan

As your business matures and you move into the next stage of your plan, you might find it is time to make substantial changes. This can take many forms and for a lot of businesses, this will mean moving to a bigger office, employing more staff, opening new locations, or a combination of all three. You might want to do something as simple as renovate with a coat of paint and some new carpet, or move to new premises entirely. Whatever your plans, an unsecured business loan provides the flexibility and speed to be ready when you are.

Sometimes you can’t plan for it all but unsecured business funding can solve that

An unsecured business loan & funding allows you to cover even the most unexpected of bumps in your journey. Planning for the unexpected often amounts to simply understanding what options are available to you when a challenge presents itself. When it comes to unforeseen expenses, such as equipment failure or an accident, an unsecured business loan can be the safety net you need, when you need it. Being unsecured makes it the fastest loan product available and gives you the flexibility to apply the funds where it is needed most.

Talk to Universal Finance to find out more about what we can help your business through unsecured loans & finance throughout Australia

Find out more about our unsecured small business loans and finance products by getting in touch. Call (03) 9088 8369 or email admin1@universalfinance.net.au to speak to one of our team. We will be happy to arrange a time to discuss your requirements and tailor a loan to suit your needs now and in the future.

Regardless of your credit situation, Universal Finance wants to help you. Talk to us today to find out what we can do for you, even if you have bad credit. We specialise in difficult loans and lending where other finances companies can’t.

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